Recent talks for GEAG.

21 June 2017: The West Cambridgeshire Hundreds

Elizabeth Ranelagh (FWAG* East) and Siân Williams (Wildlife Trust) spoke about this partnership project which brings together landowners and conservation organisations to manage land in an environmentally friendly way. The project started over 10 years ago and covers a large area of southwest Cambridgeshire, including Gamlingay. Elizabeth and Siân were joined by local farmers to answer questions and give their views on the project.

*Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group.

19 October 2016: the Curlew Recovery Programme

Sarah Sanders of the RSPB presented on the progress of the Curlew Recovery Programme – of which she is Manager. The curlew, a charismatic bird associated with the UK’s uplands and coastal estuaries, is in serious decline. Sarah Sanders told us about why it is in trouble and how the RSPB is responding.

15 June 2016: the Environmental input to the Neighbourhood Plan?

led by Chris Barker. Chris has volunteered to lead GEAG's input to the Neighbourhood Plan, the Environmental aspects of planning. This meeting discussed all the subjects in the document attached, but we need more people's opinions. Anyone in Gamlingay has a right to make suggestions or to express opinions on what should happen with developments in and around Gamlingay; the first formal opportunity will be at the Village Show, but we will have a website-based survey as well as personal approaches from those involved so far.
Documents for the Neighbourhood Plan discussion:
NP Environment subjects for 15 Jun 16

16 March 2016: How Green is Shale Gas Exploration?

by John Lanchbery of the RSPB and Mike Brettle. This was a debate launched by these proponents and debated by quite a large meeting audience.

17 February 2016: Paris Agreement – a game-changer or more hot air?

by John Lanchbery of the RSPB. John is the Principal Climate Change Advisor at the RSPB and has taken part in all the main international meetings on climate change since Rio in 1992.
Document for John’s talk:

John Lanchbery GEAG Feb 16