GEAG works for a sustainable future and a stronger community in Gamlingay, a village in South Cambridgeshire, and its nearby communities including the Hatleys. This page gives an overview of our core beliefs.

Global Issues

GEAG subscribes to the view that we should 'think globally - act locally'. We recognise that human activity is pushing the natural world to the edge by causing widespread habitat loss and multiple extinctions, we understand that issues of poverty, social justice, and human rights are inextricably linked to environmental protection, and we accept the verdict of the overwhelming majority of scientists who say that global warming is happening now, is caused by human activity, and may have catastrophic consequences for humanity.
We believe that in our everyday actions we should all consider the impact on habitats and biodiversity, on climate change, and on the ability of people everywhere to lead rewarding lives free from poverty. Acting locally, this means taking actions such as reducing our carbon footprint, for example by driving less or turning down our heating, buying Fairtrade and organic products when possible, and working with local businesses to support their transition to sustainable practices.
We believe that we can all make small and mostly quite fun lifestyle changes that will make the world a more sustainable place. GEAG would like to see more of us walking and cycling, so we are pushing for safer roads and working with transport charity Sustrans on a proposed off-road cycle path to Potton, the RSPB Lodge, and Sandy station. We believe we should REDUCE, REUSE REPAIR, and RECYCLE. We encourage villagers to recycle everything that can’t be reused, to compost their green waste, and to be proud of an empty black bin. We are spreading the word that we can all save money by saving energy. We are providing information on energy saving, and offering free loans of energy monitors that help you to see how much you are saving.
Local Issues

GEAG supports developments that benefit the local environment, but opposes developments that are unsustainable or offer the local community little benefit. For example, GEAG supported the Gamlingay Eco Hub from the start, and the Group continues to support it by holding regular meetings and events there. (Find out more from the
Eco Hub website.) We supported the Community Wind Turbine because would help to cut the carbon footprint of the village, contributing to globally important cuts in CO2 emissions, and providing an income stream for community projects to help build a stronger local community. (Find out more from the Community Turbine website.) We are in general in support of the Green End Development, because we recognise that the current Green End site has passed its sell-by date and needs to be redeveloped, and because as a brownfield site this is an appropriate location for development. We do, however, hope to work with the developers to encourage them to provide a new development that meets the highest environmental standards.
We have by no means supported every proposal. For example, we continue strongly to oppose any plans to build on the Green End 'Lupin Field'. We believe this piece of agricultural land should remain open and undeveloped. Ideally, it would be acquired by the community for use as a recreational space. We suggested to South Cambridgeshire Council that it be protected as a 'Local Green Space' and we are pleased to see this moving forward in the new Local Plan. Likewise, we opposed proposals to build housing estates on land owned by Merton College between the village and Gamlingay Wood, and we would oppose any such plans in the future.
Our views on a range of local planning and development issues can be found on the (frequently updated)
Village Issues page.
Building a Stronger Gamlingay

We believe that a green community is a strong community, and we believe in developing and supporting robust local facilities and businesses – with an eye to a future in which rising energy prices means that travel will become increasingly expensive. For example, we were strongly opposed to plans to close the Village College, and we campaigned to keep it open. We see no environmental benefit in having to bus our young people to a school many miles away, and we wish the College well as it moves forwards to a stronger future. At the same time, GEAG thinks the local bus service is completely inadequate for the village’s needs. We have conducted a transport survey to find out what villagers want, so we can put pressure on bus companies to provide better services. See the results on the
Documents page.)
GEAG also believes that a strong local economy is a vital part of a thriving community and prevents needless long-distance commuting. As energy prices rise, we believe that green businesses will also be profitable businesses. Among our local businesses, we recognise the crucial role farmers play in feeding the nation while protecting the countryside. We believe that sustainable farming methods are the key to the long-term health and profitability of the nation’s farms.
We take a strong interest in local wildlife and biodiversity. We are concerned at the loss of habitat for wildlife both locally and globally, and we support nature reserves in and around the village run by charities like the Wildlife Trust and the RSPB. We encourage wildlife-friendly farms and gardens, and urge the local councils to adopt wildlife-friendly management for their open spaces, public areas, and roadsides.