GEAG works for a sustainable future and a stronger community in Gamlingay, a village in South Cambridgeshire, and its nearby communities, including the Hatleys. This page explains how we are organised.

Our Structure

GEAG has a small management committee which is elected each year at an AGM in accordance with
our constitution. Committee members include a Coordinator, a Treasurer, a Secretary and up to five 'issue reps' who take on responsibility for various issues such as transport or wildlife. In addition, the committee has up to five ordinary members.

The following members were elected at the AGM on 19 January 2017:

Coordinator: Daniel Pullan
Treasurer: Peter Condon
Planning: Daniel Pullan
Publicity: Nicola Jenkins
Secretary: Chris Barker
Hatley rep: John Lanchbery
Our Organisation

GEAG is a small, independent, not-for-profit, voluntary organisation made up of local people from Gamlingay and the Hatleys. We are not affiliated to any other organisation or political party and our members have a wide range of views on many issues. Membership is free and open to all who live in or have an interest in the local area (you can
join here) and members receive frequent email newsletters about local environmental topics.
GEAG policy is made by this committee at meetings throughout the year. Minutes of our meetings are available on our
Documents page.
Membership is free, so we raise money in a variety of ways including by raffles at our events, from social events such as our summer garden party, and from donations. In 2012 we received a small grant from Gamlingay Parish Council to assist with the cost of this website and with display materials. Our annual turnover is a few hundred pounds and we maintain only small reserves - generally less than £500 at any time. Our accounts are available on our
archive page.
What We Do

GEAG is involved in the local community in many ways, some more visible than others. We have representatives on many village committees, for example, and we maintain close contact with our parish, district, and county councillors. We organise regular events both large and small, including the annual Bike Week Bike Ride and the Gamlingay Green Day - both of which are rapidly becoming a major annual events for the village. (Information about our forthcoming events is available on our
GEAG events page.) We frequently offer advice on energy-saving and green living, and we lend out energy monitors free of charge to local residents. Behind the scenes, we scrutinise all major local planning applications, and we normally write in response to planning applications and other schemes. We are also actively encouraging various organisations to provide better facilities for cyclists and walkers, as well as leaning on the bus companies to provide improved bus services. These are some of things we have done in the past. Every new day brings us new challenges!

Our Three Tests

GEAG is guided by our three tests when making policy. When considering any scheme, development, or activity that affects the village and its environment, we ask:
  • Does it benefit the global environment?
  • Does it benefit the local environment?
  • Does it help build a strong community?
In reality, a balance sometimes has to be found between these three factors, but by asking these questions at the outset we are generally able to reach a judgement about what is sustainable and what is not.