Gamlingay Environmental Action Group

The Gamlingay Neighbourhood Plan

GEAG has accepted responsibility for the Environmental input to the Neighbourhood Plan. This is the system initiated by the Localism Act of 2011 by which local communities can control the way in which their community develops. Our community is bound to expand, but we can decide how best that should happen and all Gamlingay's residents have a say in that process. There is a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and 3 sub-committees which are teams of residents are trying to work out how best to approach the problem and how to involve as many of Gamlingay's residents as possible. There has been a survey in which respondents were invited to offer their opinions on several different aspects of village development. The Steering Group will use the responses to build a draft Plan which will be put to referendum towards the end of 2017.

Please go to the Gamlingay-Future website to check progress . . .

The Gamlingay Environmental Action Group (GEAG)

GEAG aims to promote understanding and to be a focal point for discussion of environmental issues, from high-tech sustainable power solutions to helping home owners about how to ‘go green’ and to supporting wildlife initiatives. It is a non-political organisation informing all about the damage being done to the environment — both locally and globally. We work for positive change, starting here in South Cambridgeshire.

GEAG campaigns for environmentally sustainable solutions to a wide range of issues, from energy and climate change, through transport and planning, to nature and conservation. We work with local government, businesses, and organisations to support green initiatives, and we organise frequent talks, green days, film showings, bike rides and debates here in Gamlingay, open free of charge to everyone in the village and surrounding areas.

We have an
events page, listing all that we have planned.

free to join and we welcome visitors to our talks, normally in the Eco Hub in Gamlingay.

If you would like to present a talk to GEAG on any matters environmental, please
contact us to discuss subject and date.

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The Gamlingay Community Turbine. For more information visit the GCT website.